Creative Economy Enterprises is fundamental to ushering in a thriving, wholistic earth-based economy.   


Changing behavior patterns is the key question of the day. What we need is a fresh approach,  one that is mindful and appreciative of what each person can uniquely offer & attend to what  the world needs as a whole.


Our consulting offerings honor the whole person to create personal satisfaction, local commitment and global well being. We offer practices that challenge and re-shape the way we live and do business.


What if the brightness of the future is up to us?  Bringing out the unique creative talents individuals possess will mean economic, community and environmental rewards.   


Creative self-expression in a spirit of inclusion & acceptance.

It is pointing to the new way. 




"If we are to be effective in our lives, we have to find workable techniques and programs

that can be put into practice, tools for change that are easily grasped and understood,

and that conform naturally to the landscape of human nature."

                           Paul Hawken :: The Ecology of Commerce & DRAWDOWN



Smiles Tell the Story of Our Programs:: Individual, Gatherings, Intimate Online Groups:: Always Experiential
The Creative Pulse in all of Us "to Create a World for All the Children of All Species for All Time " -William McDonough, architect and author of Cradle to Cradle / ART by Helen Webber
Horn & Hardart Coffee+ Life Dawn S Mazzone, founder


Social Entrepreneur for a Culture of Belonging, Renewal & Joy, Dawn offers individuals and communities "interbeing" practices for creating a peaceful world destiny. For those who crave making a difference in the world, bettering the world and creating a bright future for each other now and for the next generations to come, our practices are easy, fun, and enlivening, in alignement with our natural essence. Dawn S. Mazzone founded Creative Economy Enterprises to bring alive each person's unique self-expression to contribute to the well-being of the whole.


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